Start with a visit to some of the shoots I have had the pleasure of participatin' in. The list of shoots will continue to grow and change. Be sure to go to the SASS home page and look it over real good. Here you can get advice on just about everythin' including the official rules. Then pour yourself a cup o' coffee and go to the CAS-L Internet Posse site and wander all over that fer a spell. You can even sign up to be on their mailing list. Now you won't see it all in one sittin' so don't worry. You will find places to check out to keep ya busy fer a long time. Just keep going back as you want to learn more. And believe me... when the shootin' bug bites, yer hooked! Don't be in a hurry to get everything, take your time. Have fun and enjoy! I also have to put in a plug fer the Kansas Cowboy newspaper. It's free with your paid membership to the C.O.W.B.O.Y.S. Society. (Cockeyed Old West Band Of YahooS) I am member number 256. You can find it by goin' to the Drovers Mercantile site. History, information, spirit of the cowboy way, events... it's all there in the Kansas Cowboy.

Visit some shoots

Here are pictures from shoots held by various clubs around the state of Kansas. This is by no means all of the activities, just ones I have had the pleasure to personally experience.

Butterfield Gulch Gang 4/99

Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Club

Capital City Gun Club 7/25/99

Devils Ditch Renegades 11/99

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119 N. Douglas

Ellsworth, KS 67439

(877) 376-8377 toll-free


River Junction Trade Co.
312 Main Street
McGregor IA 52157


Single Action Shooting Society


Cas City - the town of Cowboy Action Shooting

Reloading sites

Mid Kansas Cast Bullets

Hodgdon Powder



Magazines and Information

Cowtown West

Trail's End


Marlin Firearms


J. M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum

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