Butterfield Gulch Gang

Spring Gathering Cowboy Shoot April, 1999

Ellsworth, KS


  Marshal Mike takes aim
using his pony for cover.


 Shifty takes to using his horse to hide... er... uh, give protection too!


 Dag nabbit! It's gettin so a feller
can't even git a bath without some
dang fool causin' trouble.


 Okay, maybe you'll leave me
alone if I use my scatter gun!


 It's none other than Wesley Hardin! Look out boys, if he's registerin' to shoot, I'm lookin' fer another posse!

Naw... behind all that meanness and fightin an' such, he's a purdy good ol cowboy.

Love to go to them Cowboy Gatherings in Ellsworth. Someday I hope to take pictures of more than the shoot.

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