Eagle's High &

Devil's Ditch Renegades

Fall Cowboy Shoot

Nov. 6th & 7th, 1999

Haven, KS

Shure 'nuff had a great time at that shoot. Done made up my mind that I would have ta git me a big bore lever gun. Hoss was kind enough to let me make use of his big bore single shot. See, they had a stage on the second day where you hold your big bore rifle in your off hand then flip an egg timer and proceed to draw your six gun. You blast a bushwhacker with 5 shots. Then you holster your pistol and prodeed to alternate between two targets way out younder a hundred yards or so to the first and about 25 yards more to the second one. We'd just keep shootin' and loading till the sand ran out. Whew! That were fun!


 Marshal Mike and Shifty decide to throw in with the desperados from Devil's Ditch.


   Dang if Shifty didn't bring along a woman. I'm still scratchin' my head over him findin' one that would have him.

More pictures from the shoot


 Shifty uses the saddle on a dead tree to steady his aim.


 Let me get this straight. You want me to go down range and hold that target up so you can shoot at it?


 Stay right there... don't move... I almost got ya in my sights.


 Hey...there's somethin' carved on this log. I can just make it out. "If you are in the middle of a gun fight, don't stop to read this!"


 "Shoot... then duck... Shoot... then duck... Shoot... then duck...will they ever run out of ammo?


 If those varmits splatter pickle juice all over my nice new clothes, I'm really gonna be miffed!


 Where ya goin boys? We're just beginnin' to have fun!


 The Marshal gets off two rounds with the scatter gun before he leaves.


 An eye patch? Licorice whips as reins that I hold in my mouth? Whoever heard of edible tack?


 Oh well... the only thing better than shootin an' havin fun is eatin' too.


 Earnie the bartender gets five rounds from the Marshals pocket pistol.


 You mean all I gotta do is shoot that target five times while keeping the gun butt on the table. How do I aim with the sights way down there?


 There's a wanted poster on the wall and Shifty recognizes the picture. It said "Dead or Alive." Shifty thinks "Dead" is less trouble.


 I stuck my head out of my office and someone takes a shot at me. I'll show them who runs this town.


 Oh... so you brought your friends along with ya', eh?!


Here, lets see if I can help ya' get outta town a little faster with the help of my trusty rifle? 


 During the Team Shoot on Sunday, the Marshal shot "Gunfighter" style.


 Shifty had to hold up his part of the Team Shoot by alternating back and forth between two rifle targets for 10 hits. How many did you say you got Shifty?


 With a chance to try to better the Team score, Shifty shows off his own "Gunfighter" style.


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