Capital City Gun Club

July 25,1999

Topeka, Kansas

The Capital City Gun Club is affiliated with SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) and cowboy shoots adhere to their rules. This is a great bunch to shoot with. They believe in bigger targets, more bullets, lots of action and fast shootin'. Some clubs use smaller targets than they do, but that's all right. Diversity adds to the fun of the game. I will not take sides on who's philosophy is right, wrong, better or worse. I believe in abiding by the hosts rules and being a good guest and a good sport. These folks have been considerate and very helpful. They want everyone to have fun and be safe. I got a good taste of their generosity when I discovered that I had underestimated the number of shotgun shells I would need. Several folks were happy to provide me with ordinance. I was able to repay them when I went back to another shoot a few months later. At least I believe I got everyone paid back. If any of you boys read this and think I missed paying you back, drop me a line and I'll make it right.


 Shifty and Marshal Mike get ready for a big day just on the outskirts of Topeka, Kansas.

We had no idea it was going to get up to 107° that afternoon. But true to the cowboy spirit, we hung in there to the very end.


 Every stage starts with a thorough explanation of the scenario.


 Shifty clangs the targets with his trusty 38 SAA.


 Using a tall cactus for cover, Shifty gives 'em both barrels with his SXS.


 That Marshal is a publicity hound. The local tabloid was covering the event and dang if the Marshal didn't get his picture in the paper. The laughs on him though, all you could see in the paper was the back of his hat, arm and pistol. Didn't even print his name.


 "Marshal Mike, are you ready?"


 Five shots with a pistol and clean up the misses with the scatter gun.


"You can call them targets anything ya' want to, but yer gonna have to shoot 'em to make 'em go down".


 Shifty's turn at the stage. Five pistol shots...


 ...then pick off what is left standing with the street Howitzer.


 Just one more target to put down.


 "When in Rome..."

Since this is a SASS club, you need speed to compete. Shoot two handed and keep cocking that hammer back with your thumb!

This was the first part of a really neat stage. Starting with five shots from your pistol...


Proceed to the other end of the fence rail and pick up your rifle. Notice the purple "cannon ball" at the end of the fence?


After shooting seven targets in order with the rifle, the eighth target is a knock down that releases the cannon ball and it begins to roll...


 Now you have to run back past where you started, pick up your shotgun, load two shells and be ready when the cannon ball stops. It sets off a trap that throws a clay pigeon. You have two shots to shoot the pigeon before it hits the ground. Now I have to confess, I have never shot trap so this was new to me. In spite of the heat, hte Marshal got lucky and hit that pigeon about three feet off of the ground.


 Shifty was hittin' them targets and makin' em sing.


 Hey Shifty, this ain't no time to roll a smoke, the clocks still runnin'!

    "How many times do I shoot him?"

  The Marshal takes another 5 shots with his other pistol.


 Hmmm... If I were gonna put a picture of the Marshal in my paper, I'd take it from the back too!


 Shifty puts his rifle to the test.


 Shoot the shotgun after using the bullwhip. Makes sense to me. If I got cracked with a bullwhip it'd take a blast from a shotgun to cool me down.


 I have to take a minute and brag on this rifle. My Marlin was bein' worked on so I went and bought this '92 Rossi in 45LC the day before the shoot. Right out of the box and never fired prior to the competition, I hit 47 out of 47 rifle targets. Now I ain't really that good. It just goes to show that more money don't always mean ya' git a better gun. (I'm still keepin' the Marlin by the way).


 Let me see now... 11 targets, the rifle holds 10 rounds and I still got one in my pocket. If you say I hit 11 targets, then I'll save this bullet fer later.


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