Model 92 lever action in .45 Long Colt

Model 1894 Cowboy lever action in .45 Long Colt

One thing many folks like to do is keep their pistols and rifles using the same loads. I have a Model '92 Rossi and a Marlin Cowboy lever action that are also chambered for .45 LC. Never have to worry about grabbin' the wrong cartridges that way.

Winchester model '97 pump take-down

I have covered some pistols and rifles, but another important gun is the shotgun. The most widely used is the side by side or double barrel shotgun. It can be 20, 16 or 12 gauge. Here again it is personal preference, availability and / or budget. I found a great 1898 Remington double barrel shotgun with exposed hammers. But it had a Damascus barrel. I don't shoot black powder shotgun loads and I would be afraid to shoot modern shells with a Damascus barrel. Here again, choice, opinion and safety are the key. There are some sound Damascus barreled shotguns out there. But I do not have the expertise or means to check them out. More history here. Instead of me telling you, find out what a Damascus barrel is. You will find it fascinating.

1874 Sporting Rifle .45/70 caliber

Model 336 Cowboy lever action in classic 38/55

Big Bore Single Shot and Lever Action Rifles

There is an event called the Side Match. These are oftern held in the general vicinity or sometimes on different days than the regular Cowboy Action Shoot. There can be several different side matches using different guns that meet the time period criteria but are not that popular or accessible. There can be matches for derringers, pocket pistols and various rifles. The buffalo guns like the Sharps, Browning and Springfield have been the most popular using 45-70, 45-90 and even 45-100 cartridges or larger. Other calibres have come into play as well. There were a lot of lever guns using rifle cartridges that can't be used in standard CAS meets. To name a few, 30-30, 32-40 and 32 Winchester Special. Most allow 38-40, 38-55 (I shoot this one) and others. I was looking for a 30-30 when I came across a 32 Winchester Special. I had never heard of it before and started doing research. It was introduced with the 30-30 by Winchester in 1895 using the new "smokeless" powder and was touted as made to be reloade

With the big bores, you will eventually get involved with sights. Seems everyone has an opinion here also. Tang sight, peep sight, ladder sight, globe sight, Lyman, Marble, buckhorn.… it is another chapter all in itself. For now I am using the iron sights that came on the rifle.

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