I recently came across a Winchester model 94 lever action rifle in a calibre I was not familiar with. I started doing research on it and on the cartridges it uses. It is a 32 Winchester Special. Since I plan plan on doing all myown reloading, I wanted to learn as much as I could. If I did not reload, I would have missed out on half of the history of the rifle. Learning to reload adds awhole new facet to the sport.

One thing becomes clear real fast once you start in Cowboy Action Shooting. You use up a lot of ammunition. The most economical way to shoot lots of ammunition is to load your own. And any one who has been at it very long will tell you that each gun performs best with a particular combination of brass, primer, powder and lead. The trick is to find what that combination is. Reloading )or Handloading as it is also called) is just the ticket. And its a lot of fun, too!

Now reloading is a serious proposition. It takes knowledge, patience and research. It also requires safety. Reloading means you will be handling explosives. Now when someone picks up a cartridge, they probably dont think that they are handling explosives. Although it is safe to handle, using common sense of course, they are still explosives. I am not going to pretend to be any kind of an expert here. I have only been reloading for about two years and I learn something new every time I sit down at the reloading bench, or talk with fellow shooters.

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