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When I use the word "belt", unless stated otherwise, I am talking about gun belts. I will rarely talk about the kind of belt that goes through pant loops. Truth is that most men did not have pant loops. They wore braces also known as suspenders to keep their pants up. Now there are different kinds of belts. Plain belts were used up until the 1870s. Cartridges were not widely in use til after that. There were items that slid onto the belt like holsters, knife sheaths, pouches, powder flask holders, spare cylinder holders and cartridge boxes (these held pre-wrapped paper & powder charges and wads wrapped over lead balls for muzzle loaders. Some belts were made to conceal coins (money belts).

With the acceptance of the new fangled "cartridge" guns, belt & holster makers started putting loops on the belts to hold extra rounds. Heck, some even put loops on the holsters.



I use both batwings and a pair of "chinks". the period correctness of the batwings is questionable. I am putting out a call to anyone who has some proof of the batwings being used prior to 1880. The chinks are verified.

Spur Straps


 Best pair of boots i have ever had are Buffalo Runner boots. Made with real buffalo hide and went four years before having to be half soled. check out Drovers Mercantile to see what they have.

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We are famous for our Cowboy Rigs.

G & J Enterprises specializes in handmade custom leather products including: Holsters, Rigs and other items. Only the highest quality leather and superior workmanship go into each item.



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